An overview of the online selling apps

An overview of the online selling apps

There are many selling apps like Craigslist that are available on which you can sell different types of goods, be it clothes, electronics, shoes, books and basically any item that you wouldn’t be using any more. All you need to do is take some good pictures of the things you would want to sell and put an ad for it online. Some apps are free of cost while there are some others where you will have to pay for its registering and selling of your goods.

What are the various features that are offered to you by Craigslist app?

  • Mail sender: this feature will help you and you can send emails to more than one person at a time. When it comes to the content part of your mail it will require you to mention how many accounts you would want to send the mail to. Then you can upload your content from the folder of your choice.
  • Posting of your ads: with the help of this feature you can get your ads scheduled. You will be asked for your email and the password, then you will have to select the category from the ones that are mentioned and lastly you can also post images of the product that you are selling to make the ad more impressive. After you are done with all this you can schedule the ad.
  • The scraper feature: this feature helps to scape the required details for you. You will have to choose the crawling option. Then use your user ID and password and then search according to your keyword or URL. You are also provided with the filter option so that you can choose what you wish according to your preference.

What are the advantages of using the online classifieds apps?

If you can buy products online, why cant you sell them? With the over increasing demand of the internet and the advancement of technology, you can basically do anything at the tip of your fingers right from your home or work place. Selling products online can be convenient for the seller as well as the buyer, all the seller needs to do is post the ad and wait for the buyer to see the ad and inquire about it. It is all so easy, all the details along with the specifications of the products, warranty and the price of the product is put up in the ad. You can browse through various sites to get some great deals too.