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What Does a MRE Contain

Meals ready to eat were made for soldiers initially to avoid dangers of malnutrition in soldiers and provide them with high-energy food sources as well as lasting long. They were designed for 24 or 72 hours with a balanced diet, but different meals in one pack eaten either mixed or separately. Meals ready to eat are also great to use in short term situations such as natural disasters, campers, hunters, rescue workers, and for mountain climbers. For people who follow their religious dietary rules, Kosher MRE meals are also available, meeting customers needs.

Meal Measurements

The increase in number of campers, mountain climbers, rescue workers and unanticipated situations have gained popularity for ready to eat meals. It is important to adhere to prepare kosher XMRE meals to show the respect for the religions and to gain customer satisfaction. These meals can be stored for a long time with their long shelf life, also preserving its taste and nutrition values. Ready to eat meals cannot be necessarily be only traditional food recipes, but can also be made for other styles such as pizza on customized orders.  In general, the nutritional requirements for an individual militant who maintains a strict Kosher guidelines will be a minimum of 1200 calories, that consists of 13% of protein, 48% of carbohydrates and 35% of essential fats. For every case, there will be various menus meeting nutritious and caloric values. Every meal’s shelf life will be for more than five years depending on the storage temperature and maintenance conditions from the date of packed. Read More “What Does a MRE Contain”