DIY repair guide for vertical blinds

DIY repair guide for vertical blinds

It is indispensable how vertical blinds have made an impact on our professional lives. More similar to curtains yet not curtains is the unique proposition of the blinds. You may have come across these blinds at workplace which provides your boss or you the power to peek through your cabin to see what is going on in the surroundings. However, its use has not been restricted to offices only. Many people find a sublime value by installing them in their houses. The operation is simple but the mechanism is quite complex. Due to the complexity, it becomes a problem when it gets stuck and creates much pain as you don’t how to fix the damn thing. 

But you do not need to worry about it because we have devised an easy strategy to repair the vertical blinds fully without an expert hand on the job. This guide is the do-it-yourself article where you will learn about the various mechanical parts and how you can repair a stuck blind without much effort.

Basic parts and their repairs

Any blind have vinyl, fabric or wooden panels hanging up and down which are known as vanes. These vanes are the major coverings that can be tilted on its sides to open or close and can be even pulled aside. Repairing vanes generally need replacements which you can do by replacing the vane savers and the valance clips. If the tilt mechanism hinders, you can replace it quite easily. It is not hard to loosen the screws and change the vanes.

The other part of the blind mechanism involves the carrier clips which carry the vanes from side to side. Changing the clips is quite nasty job and time-consuming. However, these clips are generally durable and do not need replacement in short span. But, if they ever conspire to make you restless, they will surely succeed. So, it is advisable to clean the carrier clips on a periodic basis to avoid dust to accumulate on the crevices.

The bead chain is responsible for tilting the vanes of the vertical blinds. Thus, you should be very gentle with the beads and should not put any impact while pulling the bead. In case, the beads get jammed, try to oil the sprocket for easy movement. Periodic cleaning and maintenance is very much required for its proper functioning. 

There are other components as well like the cord, tassles, tensioners, fasteners and wands which can be replaced pretty easily. It is wise if you can repair yourself given the fact that you have a sharp mechanical mind of understanding how things work, but if not, then you should definitely hire a professional.