Greater Details for the Perfect Movie Online Experience

Greater Details for the Perfect Movie Online Experience

Video has already played a role in marketing since the invention of the camera. Not so long ago it was all clear and you could distinguish two types of video: commercials and company videos (in which for example a director gave a tour of the factory hall). But then came the internet and in particular YouTube. Suddenly online video turned out to have many more applications than advertising products or services. As you watch shows online you will be getting the perfect solutions now.

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The popularity of online video and its interactive possibilities have led to a wider use of video over the years. Whereas in the past video was mainly used to inform the target audience or to increase brand awareness, online video is now present in all phases of the customer journey.

The framework of online video

What does the online video market look like? From the consumer point of view, we can distinguish between the following types of video content:

  • Producer : consumer ( user-generated ) versus professional
  • Platform : TV channel (for example RTL4, Veronica) versus website
  • Device : television versus desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • Length: short form versus long form

Viewing moment: live versus on demand

Both professional and user-generated content can be viewed both online and via the TV. Professional content prevails on the decoder. With media players and connected devices everything that is available online can also easily be conjured up on the TV screen.

Video consumption

Two thirds of the Dutch watch online video regularly. Although the differences are getting smaller, young people still watch more online video than older people. Two thirds of the videos they search for themselves. The rest is viewed after they have been forwarded by others, or because they ran into it while surfing. More than one-third (38 percent) of Dutch people regularly receive videos sent by friends or family.


Looking at online and offline video together, we see that the television screen still dominates. 77 per cent of all the time Dutch people watch video goes through television. That share is getting smaller. The desktop follows at a great distance with 9 percent. Despite the fact that more and more Dutch people watch video via digital devices, the share of television in the video viewing time remains the same. It seems that the growth of, among other things, the smartphone and tablet in the viewing time will come from the young people. The share of television among the 13-19 year-olds is the lowest (46 percent); they also watch a lot of video on the laptop and the smartphone. Visit 123movies with the perfect films and learn more.