Stacked Stone Tile To Beautify Your Home

Stacked Stone Tile To Beautify Your Home

Stacked stone tile is a unique 3-dimensional veneer made out of cut stone pieces attached to a backing that can be installed in modules. They are easy to install and don’t require grouting. Try stacked stone to add texture, natural warmth, and some drama to your home. They are ideal for interior applications like walls, fireplaces, island bases, countertops, grills and accent walls in bathrooms. It is often used outside in landscaping, water features, around pools, and to add dramatic aesthetic appeal to the exterior of a home. Natural stacked stone made of real stone will add a sense of earthy luxury to any décor.

Stacked Stone Ledger Panels

These panels are composed of trimmed natural stone pieces fixed together on a backing to form modular panels that allow for streamlined installation of dry stacking stone veneer. They typically come in two styles: stone ledger stepped panels and L-ledger stepped panel corners for outside corners. Natural stone veneer ledger panels can be used to enhance the façade of a home for great curb appeal, showcase a barbecue island, spruce up a kitchen, or beautify the interior of a home with a stunning accent wall. For example, a white stacked stone fireplace will make a stunning focal point in the living room, contrasting beautifully with other elements like wood panels in the room. Using stacked stone outdoors is a great way to blend into the natural surroundings of nature.


The raw beauty of stacked stone tile will add breathtaking impact to a remodel. Designed to add luxurious texture, architectural detail, and natural warmth it comes in a wide range of styles and colors. The naturally textured stone creates a calming counterpoint that brings the beauty of nature inside.

Like any other material or finish you choose for your home, you can choose the color and texture of stacked stone tile that will work best with your lifestyle and the rest of your furnishing. The mixture of textured and smooth tiles, along with beautiful soft hues ranging from gray-green to gold to any number of beautiful shades create a serene feeling of warmth.

Note: stacked stone tile should be used strategically and in moderation to avoid overwhelming a room and making the atmosphere feel heavy.


Every application is different, however, stacked stone veneer panels are the quickest and easiest and can be fixed to almost any surface with good quality tile adhesive. Compared to the traditional way of building a stacked stone wall, stone veneer panels make it possible to cover a large area in a short period of time. The panels come in large 6’” x 24” sizes that are easy to handle. There is no need for grouting or messing with concrete and once the tiles have been applied the job is finished and you can enjoy your new textured surface immediately.