Trying out something new every time you cook

Trying out something new every time you cook

When you are cooking with the help of sous vide technique, you will definitely be knowing that it is one of the most well-known and definitely the best techniques for people trying to eat healthily. This type of cooking is done in vacuum sealed bags as the name suggests in French. Here the cooking is done in a controlled temperature, which includes a water bath which helps you tenderize your meats yet retaining the juices and not drying them off completely when overcooked. This kind of cooking allows the maker to do other stuff when the sous vide cooker is doing its job. Try out the best sous vide recipes.

The working mechanism of sous vide cooking

The sous vide technique really help the person cooking to achieve unbelievable textures and results which cannot be got from the usual cooking methods that are employed such as basting, boiling, steaming, frying etc. usually this method is preferred for meats as some of them take a while to tenderize and if they do, they don’t retain the texture of what you would want while serving. Here sous vide cooker ensures that that cut of meat is cooked from each end to the very middle too.

When you are going to get sous to vide cooker there are few tools that you might need with it such as 

  • Immersion circulator which is used for heating the water bath
  • Cambro containers help for proper insulation than ordinary cooking pots.
  • Cast iron skillet for the coloring the crust and look.
  • A vacuum sealer, which is a ziplock bag.
  • You may also need binder clips to keep the food submerged in water.
  • A pot lid organizer which helps you to keep multiple bags and cook them together in the water bath.

The best recipes and meats that are perfect 10 on sous vide cooker are

  • The steak which is usually the premium piece of meat which is a hot favorite of sous vide cooking methods. This the piece of meat will taste best when you are a pro at cooking, you will know by several indications whether the meat is cooked right, but for novices at cooking or who don’t have the time or yet to get it right on the pan or oven. Sous vide comes to their rescue. This will cook your meat just right tender yet not losing its flavor and juicy and not at all dried up.
  • Chicken breasts dry up fast, when you are cooking them in a pan or oven, sous vide will give it the right amount of temperature and make the meat as tenderized yet delicious as you want. 

You no longer are needed to struggle with stringy meat which has lost its texture and flavor.