Whisky Reviews – Select your kind of whiskies wisely

Whisky Reviews – Select your kind of whiskies wisely

Having a glass of whisky at the end of the day can relax the body and helps the mind to replenish its lost energy. And this is indeed a proven fact but lets us take a look at what is a whisky, what are the types and how they taste. So basically we are providing you with whisky anmeldelser with essential information to help you select whisky that suits your taste.

What is a Whisky?

A whisky is basically a form of alcoholic beverage which is distilled after fermenting grains. It is under a strict jurisdiction which is made from various grains like barley, hops, wheat or rye. After distillation, they are stored in white oak casks for aging.

What are the Types of Whisky?

Taking a deep insight into the whisky reviews, we have come up with the following types of whisky available irrespective of their place of origin:

  • Blended Whisky: As the name suggests for itself, blended whisky is a mixture of two or more single malts of superior quality with affordable spirits and natural ingredients. The blending enhances the taste of higher proof and sober taste. Blended whisky is a major ingredient in the preparation of various cocktails which reduces cost but maintains the taste.
  • Blended Malt: Similar to blended whisky which is a culmination of various spirits with high-quality malts, blended malts is also a blend but uses only single malts in the mixture. Single malts have a strong smell and taste. Having a blended malt whisky is a bit costly but they are worth the taste.
  • Single Grain whisky: Single grain is one of oldest when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Here single means that the whisky is distilled once and it is made from grains other than malted grains. The flavor of the whisky is light. Those who do not want the harsh burning effect of whisky can prefer this which also has a sweeter taste.
  • Single malt whisky: The ingredients are majorly malted barley. High malt content in single malt whisky imparts a sweet taste to the whisky. The single malt whisky can have additives regulated by beverage policies and cost a little high than a single grain.
  • Rye whisky: Rye is a grain which is used to blended malts production as well. Rye whisky is generally costly and distilled accordingly. They have a fruity flavor and some may also taste spicy.
  • Bourbon whisky: The best of the kind whisky available which is made from corn. They taste very smooth which can be served with water, ice or blended into cocktails. Bourbon is also used for cooking and pharmaceutical purposes.